The State of Love

Whatever that I have heared over the past three weeks, makes me wonder what would be the state of mind of a person who had fallen in love. After a lot of thought I came to a conclusion (my opinion). The brain is easily washable. That is those people who had fallen in love can be made to change the way they look at things – some effort is of course required. After these three weeks, I feel that it is easy to befriend them. If you are really caring then you can get a very good friend. But you should be ready to give back the help and support they might require from time to time. As with everything, there are exceptions and there are the extra wierd. Fortunately or unfortunately I have not been associated only with the regular kind of love stricken people. The madness that accompanies seems to give them a terrific sense of self confidence and courage. In fact those subtle beings use these emotions for self defence when in reality the stress of getting things going is the topmost concern. Few succeed, many fail. But a lot of the ones that succeed fail after a couple of years. Whats the problem? No one can explain. But the devastation is so great. What happened to those on the other side. They learn to get up and start walking. Devastation is hidden for the good of all. The scar remains.

I got a text message from one of my friends this weekend. I liked it so much. Here it goes.

You love someone. You marry someone else. The one whom you married becomes your husband/wife. The one you loved becomes the password for your email id!


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