We as human beings have a tendency to advise people even though we do not follow them ourselves. And today I came across a glaring example of this highly human act.

A guy was leaving the company and he had sent across an email to some groups that he was looking for a greener pasture and people could get in touch with him using his personal email id. His mistake – he sent it to a lot of people whom he did not know.

The fun comes next. One person does a “Reply All” and asks why that email had been sent to him. Soon there are emails from others asking the same thing. A few minutes later, there are emails asking people not to “Reply All”. There were about 50 odd messages telling others not to “Reply All”. Not one person who advised others realized that he was adding to the mess. After all every one of them were human and were good natured not to misuse the company resources and not to disturb people who had serious work.

Every where there are people who are want to show that they are better than the best and this occasion brought into limelight a few such people who suggested how one should define a rule to move that chain email into the Deleted Items fodler. Each one of them had replied to all. Again as usual, there were some poor souls whose inbox was choked and could not get legitimate email. These are the ones who suffer ultimately because they could not get a report or a presentation across to the client.

I have to make special mention about the ones who really enjoyed the fun. These people had no better work and sent mutiple replies. After about 200 emails, this stopped. One of my friends in the other building told me that there was an announcement over the public address system from the security not to reply/forward that email.

The only positive point I could see here is that though there were 200 odd replies, there were more than 2000 really smart people who chose to ignore the initial email or just delete it.


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