How can I make my blog better?

My first blog post was sometime in June 2004. I have mostly been writing on my private blog and only recently I started writing a few public articles about technology that interests me. Now -more than two years later- a thought occurred to me. “How can I make my blog better?”. The first answer is obviously to “make an effort” towards making my blog better. I googled on how to make a blog better and stumbled upon two websites.

Please remember that my intention is not to write a killer marketing blog. But to write a decent blog and improve all the time. What really struck me was how could simple writing could have a tremendous effect on the reader. Just read the Professional vs. Amateur portion in the first link and you would understand the difference

The second link states in terms of a FAQ how your blog should be written. I would pick two things out of the list as the most important, 1) Is the topic clear to someone who only reads the headline and 2) Would someone who knows absolutely nothing about this topic understand this post? There is even a section on how to write comments on others’ blogs.

After learning all these and armed with the necessary information I set out from today to make each one of my post better than the previous one. And guess which is the first post after my enlightenment? Yes!!! Its this one 🙂

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