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Quotes, Quotes, More Quotes!

These days its raining quotes. People have started sending so many of them these days, and I, as usual can’t resist sharing them. Here were go.

Experience – is what you get when you were expecting something else

and the next one goes like this…

Enjoy Life. No matter how hard it may seem.
When life gives you a thousand reasons to cry,
show the world that…
you have a million reasons to SMILE

These too were really good and inspiring.


Nature at its best

I am sharing are some shots that I captured with my mobile phone camera.

BGVilla Flowers in the garden

Sun The Sun at noon

Garden Garden pathway

Solitary Soul Lonely Animal

Search Results!!


I was a little surprised after seeing this. This is surely the most different search query that has landed people on my blog. The word “love” itself appears a few times but the word “die” or “dying” does not appear on my blog at all. Just wondering what search engine delivered this result.

More Quotes…

These fabulous quotes landed in my inbox a few days earlier. Thought I could share them. This one is my personal favorite.

Don’t let someone become a priority in your life when you are always an option in their life!

The next one goes like this

One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.   — Sidney Howard 

Your thoughts on these?

To blog or not to blog?

Blogging is all rage these days and people are talking about the effect blogs have on their everyday lives. And, there are others who think its a waste of time or feel that their journal is the safest place to write down things.

I came across an article which gives readers enough (is 100 not enough?) reason not to start a blog. After reading this list, I have a feeling that these reasons or excuses – depends on which side you belong – are applicable to many other things in life. The list is a bit outdated but most of the reasons are still valid. Make a combination of those reasons and you have a reason not to do anything in life 😉

And one more article that gives tips how to dissuade yourself from blogging. As if this was not enough, this link pointed me to top ten reasons why nobody reads your blog and top ten blogger lies. Interesting read.

As far as I am concerned, setting up a blog is a matter of personal choice. Good luck if you decide to setup one and for those who don’t want to, there are not 100 but a million other things to enjoy in this world.

Google Notebook

Just as I was thinking about what to write on, I glanced upon this new app listed on Google Labs. Its called Google Notebook. It lets you take notes as you browse and sits within the browser window. There is a firefox extension called mini Google Notebook that lets you add with the click of a button. A similar plugin is available for IE which I did not test.

This product is comparable with Yahoo! Bookmarks but is more user friendly, flexible and allows you to manage your notes effectively. You can add as many notebooks as you want and add notes under them.

These notes can then be accessed from any computer using the web interface. You can share your notebooks with others by making them public. The power of Google is its search capability and it applies to Google Notebook as well. I have just started using it and will see how far it helps me

A few screenshots..
Google Notebook  Manually add a note  Mini Notebook

Three fantastic quotes

In the past couple of days, my friends have been sending me some fantastic, thought provoking quotes. I have listed a few of those which I have thought are more valuable

Efforts may fail. But don’t fail to make an effort

And here comes the next…

In great joy never make promises and in great anger dont answer

and the next…

The person you try to remember when you are happy means you love that person. The person you try to remember when you are sad means that person loves you much. Don’t loose either.

Thats for today and I will come back with more sometime later.