Do you aspire to become a Project Manager

Project Manager? In most industries, this is considered the most thankless job.The one person who gets kicked around by his superiors and bad mouthed by sub ordinates. But the job has its own attractions. This is one place all people in the lower ranks want to be someday or the other.

If you are one of those who is aspiring to become a project manager or will take up such a role in the near future read this. It gives a good account of the job and what is expected out of you once you take up the job.

Just as I was writing this, I came across this blog post which outlines what a project manager is not supposed to do.

Someday, I wish to be a manager, a successful one. And, I wish all those who will take up this job; good luck.


2 responses to “Do you aspire to become a Project Manager

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  2. I have never aspired to be a manager. I have met very few managers who actually deserve any respect or credit within the IT industry. There are a few, but very few.

    If you are totally useless, machiavellian, good at covering up your short comings and ineptitude then you should consider management as career.

    If you are honest, respectful of others, tire of pettiness and one-upmanship, find it difficult to be a brown noser “Yes” man / woman and are not a total piece of crud, then perhaps management isn’t for you.

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