The day I started writing

It was almost three years back when i started to try writing something on my own. I am a creatively challenged person. Looking back, I realize that I have not done anything creative – anything at all. It was difficult to decide on what to write. After a long thought process, I decided that I will write about the events that took place in my life between October 2001 and February 2002. That was a very short span indeed. But since that was my first attempt I thought I will concentrate on quality rather than volume. It was already two years since all those things happened in life. A difficult situation! I know people write about their whole lives, but I am not the kind of person who remembers everything that happened in life

It was a challenge to recollect events that took place two years back. But I did. I slowly recollected each and every incident, if not each day. I started writing them one by one. My thought did not flow so fluently like a river because it never did anytime in the past. It was a bits and pieces work. After a lot of struggle I managed to put together a 3 page document. So much for 4 months of life. I agree that I would have missed many events, but managed to put together some of the most important and interesting things.

At the end of all the effort when I read what I had written, I feel that I had missed something or there were too many jumps in context. That document is still in its original form without any modifications. Someday, I would rewrite those moments when I get time.
After that disastrous attempt, I made one more attempt. This time not to write about any moment of my life but review Mandriva Linux 2006 Free Edition. I was able to write two pages of content about the OS but still I did not cover everything that was available. I still felt that something was lacking.

I did not give up. I tried writing one more review for Opera 9 Beta. This time too I did not cover all the topics. But I understood something was better. I was able to write better. I put the brakes on my speed of writing and concentrated on the flow. The result was that the review was much better to read when compared with my first attempt. In the mean time, I also regularly wrote journal entries at my blog. I notice that these days I write much better.I feel I have achieved something worth mentioning. I made one more attempt to write about Ubuntu Dapper Drake. You can read it here. And, this is for you to comment on.

I am still not near to perfect but someday I will write better than I do today. And I am working towards that goal.


One response to “The day I started writing

  1. Like everything else, writing takes practice. don’t give up, Before you know it, people will expect you to be writing good things all of the time, and they will become angry with you, and start calling you names, if you don’t.

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