Bizzare Dream

Today morning, I woke up after a bizzare dream. It goes like this.

I was watching TV when one of my cousins came shouting that a plane is flying low and circling the neighbourhood. I went out and looked at the sky. A plane – oddly shaped – that looked like an aid plane was circling around. It looked as if it might crash to the ground anytime.

Something was written on the plane. The only word I could recognise was AVIATION. It continued to circle around and after a couple of minutes crashed into a house nearby on the same street as mine.

I ran to the terrace to see if I could spot the debris. I could see only smoke. At that instant I saw something resembling a rocket coming straight towards our home. It landed on the space in front of my home and exploded. The next couple of seconds I could not hear anything. The sharpnel flew everywhere and one brushed my hand.

When I realised what was happening, one more landed into the home opposite to us. Then came a barrage of rockets. In the next couple of minutes, the entire row of houses in front of us were flattened. There was a pause for a few minutes and then the rockets came again. My home was badly damaged. At that point, my alarm started beeping and I had to wake up

I have had such dreams a couple of times in the past with planes flying low, crashing nearby, then a formation of planes bombing the neighbourhood and missiles flying all over. What I dont understand is I have not lived in such a region, nor did I see anything of that sort in a movie before I went to sleep. I dont play war games on computer either. But every time I get such a dream, I am at the same location in my dream; my home in Pondicherry.


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