Google Notebook

Just as I was thinking about what to write on, I glanced upon this new app listed on Google Labs. Its called Google Notebook. It lets you take notes as you browse and sits within the browser window. There is a firefox extension called mini Google Notebook that lets you add with the click of a button. A similar plugin is available for IE which I did not test.

This product is comparable with Yahoo! Bookmarks but is more user friendly, flexible and allows you to manage your notes effectively. You can add as many notebooks as you want and add notes under them.

These notes can then be accessed from any computer using the web interface. You can share your notebooks with others by making them public. The power of Google is its search capability and it applies to Google Notebook as well. I have just started using it and will see how far it helps me

A few screenshots..
Google Notebook  Manually add a note  Mini Notebook


One response to “Google Notebook

  1. Nice report….thanks for taking to time to do this.

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