The new Blogger Beta

I have been maintaining a private blog at Blogger and I could see a lot of changes there. Blogger is going beta. A lot of new features are being added. Check it out yourself

Template editing is now easy with the Layout feature. You can add goodies to your template such as a link list, a quote, a picture – similar to sidebar widgets in WP – with great ease. Another new feature is that your blog posts can be labelled, akin to categories in WP. Do you want to keep your blog to yourself or show it to the world? Both are possible through permission settings and you can invite people to read your blog.

Above all these, the best thing is, the publishing spinner is no more. Posts publish instantly. What a relief? How many times I had lost my post during publishing and had to redo it all over again.  The editor is still the same – as easy as it ever was.

There are a few glitches, but none that will stop you from posting. If you have migrated to the new blogger, you cannot post comments on those blogs which have still not been migrated. The FAQ is here and the known issues are here.

I have migrated my blog a couple of days earlier and so far had no issues.


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