Tech support for free online office apps

Over the last week, I had been trying out various web based office applications like Zoho, EditGrid and Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Whatever I had written about them had got some visibility and some tech support

So, how was the tech support? Very Good indeed! Both the Zoho and EditGrid teams help me solve my problems in almost a day. That is quite fantastic becuase I spend about an hour a day on these applications. It might be too long for others, but still I feel this level of support for a free app is really good. Thanks to both Zoho and EditGrid teams

Ok. Here is the problem and the solution offered, just in case any of you out there are facing it.

Zoho – I did not receive the confirmation email. I had to verify my email address. Else, my account would be cancelled within 5 days. The Zoho team, confirmed my account on my behalf.

EditGrid – Spreadsheets did not load when I used Firefox. I had a few extensions installed. The problem was that I had “Show XMLHttpRequests” enabled option in my Firebug extension. Once I disabled it, EditGrid worked like a charm.


2 responses to “Tech support for free online office apps

  1. I’m glad your problem is resolved!

    Re: Web2.0 Customer Service.

    Only having customer support staff sitting in office answering emails/phone is so yesterday. We make one further step – go around to help users reporting problems in their blog.

    Thanks to Google blogsearch and Technorati which help to enable this type of “active customer servicing”.

    EditGrid Team

  2. Thanks, Bala! David summed it up best 🙂

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