And today…Firefox 2.0

It looks like there is again a browser war. If it was IE7 yesterday it is Mozilla Firefox today. Firefox 2.0 was release today and I got it installed. The first apparent change is a new theme. Looks like the Go button and the Search button were designed in line with Netscape.

What is new is listed here.

The new browser was a little faster. I did not test many AJAX applications. So I do not want to comment on that aspect. The most notable features as far as I am concerned are inline spell check and session management.

You can configure Firefox to open all the tabs that you had open the last time while closing the browser. This was long due and is one of the best things to come true. Most extensions did work but my theme did not. But that is not Mozilla’s fault.

Anti – Phishing is built in and that takes care of one of the security aspects. There is no substitute to common sense when it comes to staying secure online.

There is no multi-homepage concept yet. I wish that comes in soon. With all that it has been and what is coming up, I think Firefox will get more market share in the years to come.

Firefox 2.0


3 responses to “And today…Firefox 2.0

  1. Help me please…
    I just installed Firefox 2.0, and all of a sudden, my username/password isn't being inserted in the signon window (it always was before). I tried the usual suspects–I did not mistakenly tell FF not to remember the password for this site; and I also tried the remember password bookmarklet, but all to no avail–FF will not ask me to remember this password. What do I need to do to get around this?

  2. Please add firefox cookies/bad web sites immunization in next version!
    Firefox 2 cannot reject third party cookies!!!!!!!!

  3. Cohen,

    Sorry I could not reply earlier as your comment was marked as spam and I dont check the spam comments often. I hope by this time you would have figured out how to remember passwords. If not read on…

    Open FF2. Go to Tools > Options > Security. Make sure that the “Remember passwords for sites” box is checked. Click on the Exceptions button. You will get a window with a list of sites for which the password wont be remembered. If the site for which you want to remember the password is listed, select it and click on Remove. Click Close and then click Ok to close the Options dialog. Now load the site and login. You should get a prompt asking you if you would like to remember the user name and password. Click on Remember. Thats it. Next time when you visit the site, your user name and password will be there for you.


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