Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is an online database application. In other words it lets you maintain your to-do list, progject progress, issues in a project or just your friends addresses. This is another great product in the line that already includes ZohoWriter and ZohoSheet. Getting started is as easy as login, register and create the application of your choice.

I had an option to either start an application from scratch or use one of the templates. Or I could just import the Excel spreadsheet I already have. I took the simpler approach of creating an application from a template. I clicked on the “Create new Application” and selected Issue-Manager from the template list. I named my application “im” and clicked on the “Create” button.

A few moments later, I was in the form design screen. It took me a while to realise what I am supposed to do. Once I was clear, I went ahead and started customizing. I immediately felt that I missed an auto-number field which is very essential and could have been provided right away. May be I can write a deluge script for it but I did not dirty my hands with scripting. Yes, you can script your application for complex tasks.

I can choose to keep my app to myself or open it up to the world. That depends solely on the purpose of the application. But you can change your mind anytime and make your app public or private.

The other great thing was that I can use the data capture form on any of my webpages or blog post. Thats a really cool way to capture data from your audience. It does away with complex coding and design to either get feedback from your users or get them report issues with the new product you launched.

Overall Rating: Its a easy to use online application, can get started in a couple of minutes, some users do expect some power which is lacking.

Screen Shots

Application New Application Form Design
Export List View Summary


One response to “Zoho Creator

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for writing about ZohoCreator. Thanks for your appreciation. You had mentioned that “Some users expect some power which is lacking”. It would be great if you can elaborate a bit on it. Please let us know your feedbacks/suggestions. You can mail to support [at] zohocreator [dot] com

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