Windows Live Writer

Ok, here I have the Windows Live Writer. A small desktop app that allows you to compose your blog entries and upload them to your blog service. Surprisingly, it supports other blog services like Blogger Beta and apart from Live Spaces. This post would be a test post. Let me see how all the features come out on the blog.

The app provides a full featured WYSIWYG editor which has almost the same features of Blogger Beta but a little more than The only thing I miss in visual editor is the capability to add color to text. It may not be that important but it helps most of the time. I have tried to Quote this piece of text

The app has spell checking included. You can keep a post a draft, open previous posts from your blog and do a lot of other things. Hyperlinks and images can be inserted just as easily. I am a bit skeptical about the categories part which is names as keywords and tags. Let me see if the category comes out properly

Update: As expected the categories did not come out properly.

A few images of Windows Live Writer.


2 responses to “Windows Live Writer

  1. I am trying to find a program with these capabilities, to install on my Notebook; now that I have decided to install WordPress on my Desktop computer. Thanks for reporting it!. If not this “Writer” I will just keep looking.

  2. Glad that my post helped you. Wish you best of luck.

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