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Four things that can make Zoho Writer better

Here are four things that I believe can make Zoho Writer better. I am not so sure if these have already been posted in the forums. But as I use more of Zoho Writer, I felt it can be improved in these ways.

  1. I have only one open document. I click on the close button. The highlight on the document name in the left panel disappears. But the content of the document is still visible. When I click New, a blank document replaces the visible(closed) document. It would be nice if the document is actually closed and a blank document is presented.
  2. When I delete a document I like to be asked to confirm the deletion of the document. I think this would save the time taken to navigate to the Trash bin and restore the document in case of an accidental delete.
  3. When I create a new document and open a existing document, the new document is replaced with the one which I opened. Yes, I know some people prefer it this way. It would be nice to have a way to configure to keep the blank document open while the others are opened in a new tab.
  4. I am not able to select columns in a table. I noticed this feature missing when I had to color columns vertically to indicate values.

Of course there could be other things that I have missed. May be they will come up once I get to know the application better.


The Knowledge Foundation is co-ordinating is an unconference where everyone does their bit to organize the event.

Date: 25 Feb 2007
Venue: Main Auditorium, Tidel Park, Chennai, India
Time: 8.30 AM

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and President of Wikimedia Foundation will be attending the event. He will share his vision for Wikipedia. There are other speakers who would be talking on various topics ranging from business applications of wiki to coding your own wiki.

Custom Header Image

It has been eight months since I started writing here at WordPress. All these months I never thought of having a custom header image. Somehow today I felt I had to change the default header image.

So I started searching and landed at this wonderful site. It has got a collection of graphics which can be readily used for header images of websites and blogs. I checked out the various sections and then picked the one I am using now. Registration is mandatory if you want to download something from the site.

Immediately after changing the header image, I did not feel that it made any difference to the site, but after a few visits and careful observation, I feel my blog looks better.


My friend sent me these quotes a few days back. Wondering if they are true.

A good listener tries to understand thoroughly what the other person is saying. In the end, he may disagree sharply, but before he disagrees, he wants to know exactly what it is he is disagreeing with.
— Kenneth A Wells

Speak less to the people whom you like most… Because if they can’t understand your silence, they can never understand your words!
 — Anonymous

Any thoughts on these?

Zoho Projects – Become a Project Manager

Yes, finally I got some time. And guess what I did. I went back to see what Zoho product I have not laid my hands on. I set sight on Zoho Projects, the online project management system. It is similar to MS Project but it is hosted online. It is free as long as you want to work only with a single project.

Traditionally Zoho has been churning out great online apps that are equivalents to their desktop cousins. And this time too I had a great time playing around with the application. Lets get started. Once registration was over and I logged in, the first thing to do was to create a project and set its properties and users.

Then I created a few tasks, attached them to a task list. You can specify the date, priority and the percentage completed for each task. Milestones can be added as and when necessary. The owner of each task would be notified of the task details. You can upload any project document. A single project has 100 megs of space and that should be sufficient as long as only important documents are uploaded.

You can convene a meeting without ever leaving the application and another email would be shot to all the participants. You can select who will attend the meeting. The meeting feature is a nicely thought out one. Another unique and highly useful feature is the Forum. Users can post their queries or opinions and other users can comment on them. Very neat!

A built in calendar tracks the tasks, milestones and meetings. You can create a new task, milestone or a meeting right from the calendar. The Administrator can view any of these items for a particular user or all users. Another great feature of Zoho Projects is it allows users to record time against the tasks. Effort and cost estimation becomes very easy.

Any project management software should be able to give a report of the activities. Users can see a Gantt Chart of the project as well as the % Complete for each of the tasks. Open milestones can be viewed in the Milestone report chart.  Project activity is tracked and all the changes are listed in the bottom portion of the dashboard page.

You can even let your clients track your work and that is certain to boost the confidence he has in you and brings transparency and credibility to your organization and the quality work you do.

I should say that Zoho Projects is a very easy to setup and use web based project management application. It took me just under 5 minutes to get going. It provides all the necessary features in the free version and its ease of use could well prompt some businesses to upgrade to the Premium Version. I think it would be great on the part of Zoho if it can provide at-least 3 projects in the free version.

A lot of screenshots for you…

Signup  Dashboard  tasks.PNG

Calendar  Forum  Timesheet

Gantt Chart  Task Report