Custom Header Image

It has been eight months since I started writing here at WordPress. All these months I never thought of having a custom header image. Somehow today I felt I had to change the default header image.

So I started searching and landed at this wonderful site. It has got a collection of graphics which can be readily used for header images of websites and blogs. I checked out the various sections and then picked the one I am using now. Registration is mandatory if you want to download something from the site.

Immediately after changing the header image, I did not feel that it made any difference to the site, but after a few visits and careful observation, I feel my blog looks better.


2 responses to “Custom Header Image

  1. I like your image header. It is the same colour as the original “Contempt” header but the tree and the varied sky colour makes a great difference to the plain blue.

  2. RED, thanks for commenting on my blog and appreciating the header image.

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