Four things that can make Zoho Writer better

Here are four things that I believe can make Zoho Writer better. I am not so sure if these have already been posted in the forums. But as I use more of Zoho Writer, I felt it can be improved in these ways.

  1. I have only one open document. I click on the close button. The highlight on the document name in the left panel disappears. But the content of the document is still visible. When I click New, a blank document replaces the visible(closed) document. It would be nice if the document is actually closed and a blank document is presented.
  2. When I delete a document I like to be asked to confirm the deletion of the document. I think this would save the time taken to navigate to the Trash bin and restore the document in case of an accidental delete.
  3. When I create a new document and open a existing document, the new document is replaced with the one which I opened. Yes, I know some people prefer it this way. It would be nice to have a way to configure to keep the blank document open while the others are opened in a new tab.
  4. I am not able to select columns in a table. I noticed this feature missing when I had to color columns vertically to indicate values.

Of course there could be other things that I have missed. May be they will come up once I get to know the application better.


2 responses to “Four things that can make Zoho Writer better

  1. Bala, nice seeing that you are using Zoho Writer extensively 🙂 And thanks for those great feedback comments. We will try to address each one of those in the upcoming updates.

    About deleting docs, well, we thought many users didn’t like the extra click on the confirmation pop-up. As you say, it is available in trash anyway and can be restored if needed. The issue comes only when you click on the ‘Delete’ button mistakenly. May be we will give this as a configurable option too like point 3.

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