Trying out Zoho Polls

Its been a while since I tried a product from Zoho. Today I got the time to do it. Zoho Polls helps creates online polls / ratings in well under a minute. Here is what I created. Let me see if it comes up. I tried to add this to the sidebar but unfortunately the poll was not displayed. So I made a post. I already have 4 votes since I created the poll.

Strangely, I was not able to post this entry from Firefox. May be one of my extensions did not like the iframe tag.

Update 1: Looks like something is wrong. The iframe did not come up even on IE. Any ideas, anyone?

Update 2: I was able to post the iframe code on Blogger. So I guess it is WordPress which eats the code. My last try. Let me save directly from the Code tab without going to the Visual tab

Update 3: No luck. Guess what, I had already received a few votes favoring WordPress 3/4. Ironically I am not able to get the poll on WordPress.

Update 4: Ok. I managed to get it online here.


2 responses to “Trying out Zoho Polls

  1. Thanks for looking into Zoho Polls and sorry about not being able to embed it here. As you correctly guessed, WordPress doesn’t allow script tags to be embedded. They have special partners (like say YouTube) whose codes they alow. They do this for security reasons and rightly so. I’d mailed Toni, WordPress’s CEO on this & got the above details. More on this here :

  2. Arvind, thanks for the confirmtion. You guys are doing a wonderful job.

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