Dell Inspiron 6400 – Part 1

28 May 2007, 11. 20 PM: The day, I got my laptop setup and working. I called Dell support in the afternoon and confirmed that they will be coming over to my home to setup the laptop. The time was fixed as 5.30 PM. So I decided to come home early. I had meeting at office. The meeting was preponed on request from a colleague. Thanks to her. I left office at 3.30 PM.

It was not until 4 PM that I got a bus to home. I was lucky again. This time I got a direct bus and the only thing I needed to do was to walk for ten minutes. I reached my stop in less than half an hour since there was no traffic. The first thing I did was go to a nearby shop and get a couple of blank CDs which I required for partitioning the hard disk. I had downloaded Gparted and wanted to burn it in case there is a problem with the partitioning.

The service engineer arrived at 5.45 PM after giving me a call that he would reach within 15 minutes. There was a power cut since the electricity department was changing the line poles. I was thinking that they should complete their work by 6 and so there should not be any problem when the engineer arrived.

When we both entered the home, there was no power. I asked him if the battery in the laptop will have backup power and he answered positively. When we were unpacking the laptop, power returned, to my relief.

I had various doubts regarding the usage of the laptop and he clarified most of them. He asked me if I want to partition the disk so that I can use it as I wish. He said he can do it for me. I told him that I  have done it several times before and had no problem doing it myself.

I started repartitioning even in his presence and he said that I could not do more than 3 primary partitions. I told him that we can do 4. There was some trouble creating the new partition. So what I did was to wipe out the Dell Media Direct partition and clubbed it with the available free space in the system. The formatting took forever. I wish MS concentrates on such things. I had to wait for 45 minutes to get a 50 GB partition formatted. Guess what? And then I realized that I needed more partitions for my Fiesty install. I repartitioned. And this time I did not format from within Windows. I did it with Gparted. What a surprise. The entire process was over in less than 30 seconds. Huh! Open source apps do a better job handling a MS file system than MS itself.

I played around with various things and then found Windows Vista to be lacking in a few counts. The Media Center was not so responsive and dragged to my dislike. Sometimes there were gaps when the songs played. Overall, I guess, the system was good. I loaded a Knoppix live CD and it zoomed.

A post on the OS is next.


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