Dell Inspiron 6400 – Part 4 – Other Applications

Now that my laptop with the OS was working well, it was time to get some software installed to be productive. Here is a list of software that I installed – without any fuss except for the UAC nag.

1. suite 2.2.0 with JRE
2. Adobe Reader 8.0
3. Jdk-6-windows-i586 for my development work
4. Apache Tomcat 6.0.13
5. Mozilla Firefox
6. WinRAR 3.7 Beta 8
7. An outdated but really capable and lightweight Java IDE GeI
8. Adobe Flash Player plugins for both IE and Firefox
9. Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003
10. Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 2003
11. Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2003

Ironically, the problems were with the pre-installed Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 DE which was not very comfortable with the Windows libraries. I had to re-install this application to resolve the problem. The Roxio Direct-to-Disc application which is a part of the Roxio EMC 9 suite did not have a suitable driver – I did not understand, that is what windows complained at startup – and I removed it for good. It was of no use to me anyway.


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