My Blog Statistics

Well, I had been thinking about this for a long time. Today I had the time and the patience to do it. What was that? Consolidate the statistics of this blog.

I have prepared a rough document and put it here for all of you to see 🙂

Some cool graphs to summarize. I had taken all the data right out of my account. All the graphs were created with 2.3.0

Primary Information

Total Unique Visitors: 7397
Lifetime of Blog: 15 months
Posts: 70
Comments: 74
Top Post: 1600 hits to this day : Dell Inspiron 6400 – Part 4 – Installing Ubuntu 7.04

OS % Share

No prizes for guessing this one. Win XP wins hands down

OS % Share

Browser % Share

Well, again, no prizes here. Firefox turned out to be the most widely used browser by the readers of my blog.

Browser % Share

Traffic Distribution

The real surprise was here. Until a few days ago, it was North America, from where most of the traffic to this site came from. Well, Europe just snatched the first place as of today

Traffic Distribution - Continent Wise

I dont pay for sitemeter, so no display resolution, Javascript and such details. Well, that would have been nice but I am satisfied with what I have got so far.

And, I have the satisfaction of completing a long due post 😉


2 responses to “My Blog Statistics

  1. Courius that is not Opera browser anywhere in your stadistics.

  2. @sistemasoperativos, Well even I was surprised. However, Opera was right there with about 2% share when I looked at the stats a couple of weeks back. But it was not there yesterday. Since I had taken my stats right out of sitemeter, I dont have a clue if they had changed the way they count.


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