Blog action day

Here are my tips for the Blog action day:

1. Optimize power usage – switch off computers when not in use

2. Optimize paper usage – use electronic documents wherever possible

3. Optimize fuel oil usage – use alternate energy where possible.

Easy. Isn’t it 😉


4 responses to “Blog action day

  1. It is easy…actually if one just changes one’s mindset, living in a more environmentally friendly manner isn’t that difficult…

  2. @Dave – nice post
    @Darmok – thanks for your comment.


  3. Energy use is also a Great problem.

    If we all switch from Petrol, to Electricty or from fuel to wood what could be the impact in terms of environment?

    More nuclear plants? Less forests?

    It must admit about this topic it’s harsh to guess what is better before a good reflexion & study.

    As an example, I hear more & more trucks or coaches using methanol.
    It’s good & also bad.

    A direct consequence is the price of cereals becoming more expensive to produce bread, food for animals, etc.

    It’s time to find a third generation energy for engines.

    Our governments have to simplify investments (taxes reduction, free money in the global budget, fines paid by the companies spoiling seas, etc.) on this matters to ensure a better future for us all…


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