Whats happening to Zooomr (again)?

Well, even fully knowing what was going on with Zooomr a couple of months back, i signed up for the service yesterday.  My experience was not all that cool.

First, I tried to upload photos from my Ubuntu box and failed miserably. I tried both Firefox and Opera. No luck. I then read the zooomr blog and understood that there was a problem.I would like to note one thing. The blog they have linked to says Flickr uses a similar tool for upload and faces similar problems. if Flickr faces similar problems, then it does not imply that Zooomr should face the same issues too.

Ok, the purpose of my post is this. While I uploaded a few photos using my Windows box, I notice a general latency using the site. While I was able to switch between blog view, detail view and square view, I was not able to select an individual photo and delete. I need to delete some of the photos I have uploaded and I have been trying to get this done for two days. The response I get from the server is Zero Sized Reply

Can someone tell me how I can delete the photos?

One other thing. After I logoff and try to login from that screen, I keep getting the message Logout  Successful. Guys, I am trying to log in and not out. Providing unlimited space is one thing, providing a usable service is another. I prefer the latter.

I know there are a few of you who would tell me to use other services, fine. But, please fix your site since it gives new users like me a bad idea of what you are doing.


4 responses to “Whats happening to Zooomr (again)?

  1. I have heard so many different opinions/likes/dislikes/rumors/problems with Zooomr in the past year… I stopped using it temporarily a while back, but used to check in every once in a while to see how things were progressing. I don’t think I’ll even bother logging in there anymore now though. I just read that they launched some social connector service or something. I don’t get Zoomr anymore. Why not fix the foundation of the site (PHOTO SHARING!) before you go putting out new social things?-The same article said they are announcing a mobile service!! WTF?? So yes, I am one of the ones who will tell you to use another service! – depending on your purpose, check out Imagebam or Pixamo.

  2. @John, Thanks for your valuable input. Picasaweb was my primary web album and I would continue using it even though it limits me to 1 GB for a free account

  3. I use KoffeePhoto. It features its own photo uploader and thus is not facing problems due to third party software.

  4. @Carl, Thanks for your comment. Sure I will check out KoffeePhoto.

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