Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon Screenshots

As promised, here are a couple of screenshots of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon with CompizFusion and Avant Window Navigator

1. Expo Plugin

Expo Plugin

2. Shift Switcher

Shift Switcher

3. Water Effect

Water Effect

4. Avant Window Navigator

Avant Window Navigator

I could not capture the screenshots of the rotating cube. Any ideas how to do it?

Update: Oct 25, 2007: Adding the cube effect screenshot



8 responses to “Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon Screenshots

  1. You could try slowing the cube animation down and set the screen capture program on a timer.

  2. @dosnlinux, Thanks. I will try that one today.

  3. buenas ¿que tipo de fuente (fonts) has utilizado?

  4. I really like the background picture of the rain droplets on glass. Where do I find this one? Is it part of a series of Linux background images? Thanks.

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  6. thanks alot mate, you rock!

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