Whats for 2008?

Well, in my previous post, I wrote how I fared in 2007. I have not taken any resolutions this new year. I never took one before for any year. So, here are few little things I would like to do in 2008.

  • Never edit a blog post after I publish it. I dont know how many readers of mine have subscribed to this blog using an RSS reader and sure they would hate me for updating my posts minutes after publishing them
  • Exercise – I place no commitment on this one 😉  but just like to start exercising on fairly regular interval
  • I would have to find more time and substance to post stuff here. I was doing a few reviews in 2007, but I think I should look at posting other things as well
  • Contribute something to the Open Source community. I filed my first bug for the Evolution email client sometime last year and did nothing after that. I always thought I would do more when I get my laptop but sadly to this day I was not able to do so.
  • Get better at work. Who doesn’t want to?
  • Reduce my time spent online unproductively and engage in other activity
  • Update my personal blog at least once in two days

Well, those are the things on my mind right now. And, there will be numerous moments when life throws a challenge at me. I would like to successfully overcome those with Integrity, grace and honour.


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