Opera 9.50

A couple of minutes back, I downloaded Opera 9.50 and installed on Hardy Heron. The installation was a snap. The new default theme is cool and does not interfere with what you are doing. Opera is touted as the most fastest powerful browser and complies with various web standards completely

This is not a complete review, the only meaningful measurement I was able to take was the memory consumption with three tabs having Twitter time line, WordPress write post page, Gmail open. The memory consumption stood at 59.3 MB. Where as Firfox 3 RC 2 took up 83.2 MB for the same sites open in the same order.

I tried to post this using the new Opera 9.50 but it did not play well with WP. When I pressed enter to insert a new paragraph, the new line was inserted above the current paragraph and was quite a pain to copy and paste in the correct order. I finally posted using Firefox. Not a good sign for Opera. I have not tried a lot of other sites. Twitter did not have any problems though. Gmail too worked but some of the newer features like label colors were not available. This is not a problem with Opera though. I guess that is because they don’t have too much JavaScript on the client side.

Here is screen shot. Click for a larger picture.

Opera 9.50


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