Nokia N81 – Opinion required

I have been looking for a new cell phone and noticed that the N81 is pretty good and balanced and also when it comes to price vs. features its great. Have any of you used this phone. I need to know how good is this phone. I know it has just a 2 MP camera and I am ok with it.

On the other hand, I have been to almost 12 Nokia dealers today, only to find that the 8 GB model is out of stock – they say Nokia does not supply these any more – and the 2 GB card version is available only in blue. The blue color looks plain ugly. The grey one looks pretty good but it is very difficult to get. One dealer even told me that Nokia is not supplying N81 due to the release of N96.

Is this phone so difficult to get because it is really good or is there a drawback? I saw this review on youtube and did try this at a couple of stores and found it to be unfortunately true. The phone makes a wierd noise when shaken and the slider is way too above so that pressing it makes noise as well.  So I need more opinion on this one as well.

I have still one more week to decide and if I am convinced that this model in fact has a defect I would start looking for another model. So I am waiting for your comments 🙂


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