Key Figures of this blog

Didn’t you think this one was coming? Of course, when reaching some important milestone, it is always satisfying to turn back and have a look at how we progressed and what we have come across.

Here are some key figures of this blog.

Blog Stats

Lifetime: Since July 25, 2006

Hits: 50020 as of yesterday

Posts: 133

Comments: 178

Top Post: Dell Inspiron 6400 – Part 4 – Installing Ubuntu 7.04

Most Active Post: Draw regular shapes using The GIMP

Other Stats:

Here are the stats about Operating Systems, Browsers and where my readers are located. These statistics have been taken from Sitemeter

1. Operating Systems: No surprises here. Win XP has a clear edge over others. The best part was the runner up. Linux at around 34 % just says a lot of people are currently using alternative operating systems. Have a look at how this graph looked was the last year. Readers using Linux have increased by 20%. Cool isn’t it? I am just curious what OS falls into the Unknown category.

2. Browsers: Again, Firefox is the clear leader. A vast majority still use IE too.

3. Reader Distribution: It is great to know that I have had atleast one reader from almost every continent on this planet. I am also more than eager to know what makes up “Unknown”. Antartica? Maybe. Maybe not.

Yet again, Thank you readers.

Graphs created using Zoho Sheet


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