Bluecurve Classic

About 8 years ago, this time of the year, I used Linux for the first time. I had read about how stable, versatile, open, configurable it was. I tried my first Linux distro. It was not one of the biggies. It was PCQLinux a derivative of Red Hat Linux. Fedora was still sometime in the future. I installed the distro on the same machine that I still have and use. My old and reliable P3.

The first thing I was impressed was the looks of Linux. Belive me or not, I liked Bluecurve, the theme and the window decoration more than Windows look and feel. And here is a screenshot of how Bluecurve looked then. It changed a bit in Fedora Core 1 but I still like the classic look.



Times have changed and today we have a lot of new themes and styles, but the “curve” has its special place in my heart. It is a great feeling to look back and see how far Linux has come 🙂


2 responses to “Bluecurve Classic

  1. I also like bluecurve. I wish there were more themes like it.

  2. same. i miss this theme. i’m looking to find a way to get this one with the buttons as-is on the classic version for Mint, but besides a Windowblinds version it’s hard to find the SAME Gnome/Mate theme with icons ;~ ;

    I also loved the ART done on QNX RTP’s interface, and SGI’s 4DWM. . . it had something original.

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