Trying Zooomr after a year

About a year back there were lot of problems with the photo sharing site and it took help from Sun and Zoho. Today, more than a year later, I thought I would revisit the site and check how things are.

A lot of features like the Zipline – something like Twitter – has been added. Users can now purchase PRO accounts and such.

But the site is about photo sharing and my interest was only in checking this feature. Uploading and viewing photos worked perfectly. Even from Linux I was able to upload photos but was not able to use the flash uploader. Thats ok, I was able to do all the other stuff on the site without problems, except just one.

One thing that did not work correctly everytime was creating Sets. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. Sometimes it listed the number of photos incorrectly which later got corrected to the right number.

Other features like labeling, tagging people, geo tagging, privacy settings, licensing, and sharing on social networks worked just fine. Overall, I am happy with the way things are working on the site.

I used this post as an opportunity to test Windows Live Writer. Though I have used it in the past without much liking, I wanted to see how it fared now.


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