Disable beep during Shut Down/Restart on Mandriva 2009

My Mandriva One 2009 GNOME system gave out a rather annoying beep from the PC speaker whenever I clicked on Shut Down or Restart. The same behaviour was seen noticed when I press Backspace continuously in the Terminal while there was nothing to delete. Today I found out a solution for these problems.

Step 1: Disable alerts from Sound preferences dialog

Sound Preferences Dialog

Sound Preferences Dialog

1.1 Go to System > Preferences > Sound

1.2 Click on Sounds tab.

1.3 Uncheck both boxes titled “Play sound effects when buttons are clicked” and “Play alert sound“. After this, the dialog box would look something like this.

Step 2: Blacklist the PC Speaker

2.1 Open Terminal: Applications > Tools > Terminal

2.2 Login as root by typing “su –” and press enter. We add a “-” because we are going to launch a GUI app from the terminal.

2.3 Type the password and press enter

2.4 Type gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-compat and press enter. gedit would open the file

2.5 Go to the end of the file and add the following lines and save it.

# PC Speaker
blacklist pcspkr

The first line is a comment. Add whatever is appropriate so that it reminds why that entry has been made.

2.6 Reboot – The beep would be heard this time but would not be heard once the system restarts.

If there is a simpler way to do this, without fiddling with the config files, please leave a comment 🙂


3 responses to “Disable beep during Shut Down/Restart on Mandriva 2009

  1. Senks!
    Then I too delete this problem 🙂

  2. Anyone know how to do things like this?

  3. An update from Derek: I’m responding to an old post I found about disabling the system bell in Mandriva One 2009. In Mandriva 2010.2, you can find it in the Accessibility settings. Turn it off, no more auditory feedback if you hold down a key too long. I unchecked anything that even *mentioned* the system bell. Hope this helps someone else, they changed it from a beep to a low frequency hum that sounds like an earthquake in your eardrums.

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