Happy New Year

The scraps have already started appearing on orkut and a few messages posted on my Wall on Facebook. It is only a few hours since I start moving towards the beach – where most of the town along with a few from all over the country and some foriegn tourists – for welcoming the new year, I thought I would write the last post for this year. A lot has happened this year – good and bad. I learnt a lot of new stuff, did somethings that I have never done and much more. At this point, I would like to thank my readers once again for all the support in the form of comments, hits :D, references etc.

Lets hope for a new year with lots of goodness, love, peace and prosperity. I am not going to make any new resolutions. I never made any resolutions ever. But I have a few wishes which I think I could make come true. A lot of good, useful posts here would be one among them 🙂

Happy New Year

Happy New Year


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