Now Downloading…Windows 7 Beta

Well, there seems to be a lot of noise around the general availability of Windows 7. The reviews are full of praise and the servers were choked on the day of the release. This, to me,  sounded more like the release of a popular linux distro. Though I run linux exclusively – Mandriva, if you are wondering wwhich distro – I thought I would try Windows 7. I have been thinking whether to download it or not for the past couple of days and finally clicked on the big download button. In the meantime I got my product key as well. Please remember this is a time limited trial (expires 1 Aug, 2009).

My Laptop came with a DELL OEM Windows Vista Home Premium and I had to put of with a lot of pain during the first couple of months before I started dual booting Ubuntu and then running Ubuntu exclusively before jumping to Mandriva – my once upon a time favourite. I have no complaints on my current OS now but was more than curious to try Windows 7 with all the hoopla around it. But, I can confirm one thing for myself. How much better Windows 7 is going be when compared to Vista. I have a T5300 with 1 GB RAM and an Intel 945 GMA. If I what I read on the reviews are correct, then Windows 7 should work pretty well. Keeping my fingers crossed though 🙂


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