Hard disk – dead, DVD Burner – clinging to life

Saturday was rather a bad day as far as my aging home computer was concerned. My 8 year old, 20GB Seagate hard drive started making strange clicking noises that got louder with time and broke Mandriva’s ext3 file system. I tried for a while to desperately recover it since this is the drive that had the boot manager. I was not willing to re-install Windows XP on my new hard drive but preferred to install Linux which would not only install the boot loader but happily add Windows to it.

So, I formatted the old hard drive and removed it. Then I made a new 10 GB partition on the other 80 GB hard drive. I proceeded with Ubuntu Intrepid installation from the DVD. It failed a couple of times showing no activity. I then jumped to the text installer which took almost an hour to install. This was the longest Linux installation I ever had on this computer.

After the install everything looked good. There was a new GRUB by Ubuntu and Windows was right at the bottom of the list. Both Ubuntu and Windows had no problem with booting. More importantly there was no loud clicking from inside the cabinet. I heaved a sigh of relief and went to bed at 1 AM

Happy that I had saved myself time by not reinstalling Windows XP, I proceeded to burn a few DVDs. To my horror I realised that the LG Dual Layer DVD burner could read but not burn. I tried Brasero and Nautilus burner to no avail. Brasero gave a huge error log. Google did not help. So I rebooted into Windows and tried burning with Nero. Nero too gave out a huge error log but crisply added a line “Invalid Block Address”. I searched online for the next one hour in vain.

I am not sure what happened, I just dont want the DVD burner to die. If anyone has had such issues and sorted them out, please drop a line.


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