Backup Disaster

I thought it was quite sometime since I backed up the memory card on my Nokia N81 phone and decided that I should not delay the backup. So, I pulled the 2 GB Micro SD card out of the phone, inserted it into the adapter and the adapter into a card reader and the card reader itself into a USB port. Mandriva had no problems detecting the card. The card was mounted and a nautilus window opened up.

Problem 1: Copying files from the card to the computer kept failing. I had a look at the folder which was causing the problem. There were a lot of folders with names that could not be read. Either they had ASCII characters beyond the human readable range or just a box. I decided to leave things as they are and copied just the photos and the videos on the card.

Problem 2: The next problem arose when I put the card back into my phone. The card was not even recognised. I tried to restart the phone but in vain. Neither the photos nor the tracks showed up on the phone. To make matters worse, the phone became dead slow and stopped responding in a while.

I was left with no option but to reformat the card. This also helped in clearing out a lot of garbage that came with it when I purchased the phone. I noticed that the filesystem was FAT16. I formatted the card to FAT32 knowing that it would work since my previous Nokia models like 6233 and 6600 supported FAT32. I don’t know why in this day and age, a storage device is formatted as FAT16 by default.

I put the card back into the phone and visited the gallery. The gallery was empty but atleast there were no signs of trouble. I removed the card and put it back into the reader. Now I had the default folders created. I copied the photos, videos and music tracks back and put the card into the phone. It works like a charm now. I ended up formatting the card just because I tried to back it up. Phew, what a day!


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