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Telemarketing – The pain

Over the last two days I have had two calls from telemarketers selling life insurance and credit cards.

Call 1:

Caller: Sir, I am calling from ….Is this the right time to talk to you?
I: Regarding?
Caller: We are providing a life insurance policy
I: I am not interested
Caller: May I know the reason, sir?

Why on earth should I tell him why I am not interested in his product?

Call 2:

Caller: Sir, I am calling from… We are offering free credit cards.
I: I am not interested
Caller: Since you have a salary account with us, we are providing this card to you
I: How do you know that? In fact, I don’t have a salary account with you
Caller: But, your company has, sir
I: Yeah it does, but I don’t want the card
Caller: Sir, I suggest you go for the card, since it’s free (no annual charges)
I: I know all the credit cards these days are free for life
Caller: Sir, but why don’t you go for it?
I: I said I am not interested. Is that clear
Caller: (pause) ok. Sir (hangs up)

I do understand that the moment I purchased my cell phone number it has been sold to telemarketing companies. I registered myself with the DND registry twice but of no use. There is no where to go and say “Why don’t you stop this?”. But, guess what, these two calls were made to my office phone. What the heck? I tend to get annoyed when the caller insists even after I tell them that I am not interested.

To all the telemarketers – don’t waste others time by insisting they buy your product or service. If your product is worth its salt, then you would not need to persuade anyone to buy it.