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Training room fun

It was almost a year and a half since I stood as an instructor in a training room. I was excited when I got an opportunity to do it again last month.  Teaching or training people, is pretty fascinating and very satisfying, due to the fact that one passes on the knowledge to many others. Considering that my audience are professionals, there are few interesting things which I just couldn’t avoid but notice.

  1. There will always be at least one person who is completely disconnected with what is happening around them and are in their own little world.
  2. Some of them consider the sessions as a break from their work and spend time surfing the net and playing casual games online.
  3. The percentage of people who are really interested in the discussion and participate is close to 50
  4. Then there are a couple who sit completely silent, listen to every single word I say and understand the topic under discussion, without ever speaking a word or asking a question
  5. The number of people who sit in the first row, in a 10 member class is approximately 2.
  6. Some continue working on their projects unmindful of the what I am discussing with the others.
  7. Finally, if there are 10 people in the class, another 10 would have registered to participate and not bothered to turn up.


Today I had some free time on my hands and so thought let me have some fun. Well, this post is nothing about Linux, not even remotely technical or related to what has been going on in this blog for the past several months.

I had remembered this site called RockYou which I once used to create glitter text for one of my friend’s birthday wishes. I thought I would check out the other features and created this cool little slide show. The best part is I can post my slide show on a variety of social networking sites and blog platforms.

So here is my little slide show for all of you.

[rockyou id=123618320&w=426&h=320]