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Keukenhof – undeniably one of the most beautiful spring gardens in the world. The amazing colours of the millions of tulips is a treat and if you are a photographer, you will love the opportunities that this place presents. The day I was there was a bit cloudy, but that did not take away the charm of the place. The fields around the park were equally impressive with tulips of all colours.

Tomorrow is the last day for visitors to this park. If you have missed it this year and are in the Netherlands next year, make sure you visit Keukenhof. It is one of the must see places in the Netherlands.


Utrecht, The Netherlands

Three weeks ago, I arrived in this small cold country from our large and really hot country. Fortunately, the winter is behind us and spring is in the air. There have been some really sunny days. I couldn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked to, but here are a few