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Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.5 on my local installation and it rocks. The upgrade took me less than 5 minutes 🙂

First impressions are change in the UI which is clean and easier to use, the editor has undergone some changes – it looks better, the Write Page has undergone significant changes.

Thats for now. I have not explored much, but will do so in the coming days. More details at that time.


Closing accounts on other platforms, sites

For the past two or three months, I have been doing something very important. Closing accounts on various websites that I test. I had closed my wetpaint wiki, livejournal and tagged accounts.

While it is fun to go through each site and see what they offer,  I just dont want to have so many things and finally get into a real mess. In a short while I am planning to close Vox too and stick to WordPress. Well, Vox looks tempting but does not provide nearly as many features or the addictive stats. Sorry Vox.