Fedora 15 – Network Manager Update & Broken Wireless

An innocent update this weekend to my Fedora 15 (KDE) system broke the Wireless Connection. The culprits –  NetworkManager 0.8.9997-4.git20110620.fc15 and NetworkManager-glib 0.8.9997-4.git20110620.fc15. To make matters worse, anything I did within Network Manager crashed Plasma.

To fix this problem, I first setup a wired connection and then reverted both packages to their previous versions 0.8.999-2.git20110509.fc15, using this command

yum downgrade NetworkManager*

There is a forum link here which discusses this problem.

The official bug report: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=716591


8 responses to “Fedora 15 – Network Manager Update & Broken Wireless

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  2. I hope they fix this soon. I don’t have a wired connection so I’m using a live cd to connect to the wireless signal and is really annoying.

  3. Did they fix it already?

    • Yes, I updated today and the problem is gone. Updates to a few plasma packages were available and could have fixed the problem. I did a “yum update” rather than rely on KPackageKit. KPackageKit did not show all the updates 😦

  4. I had this problem too. I was about to follow your instructions to downgrade, but decided to check the updates. There is an upate available that fixes it – worked for me anyway.

  5. It seems it was an issue with an old version of ‘kde-plasma-networkmanagement’ and the new ‘NetworkManager’ (nm 0.9). Upgrading kde-plasma-networkmanagement is supposed to fix the issue. Comment #6 on this bug report explains it so.

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